Millions of Muslim “refugees” are pouring into European nations via the Turkish border. Now why, when Turkey is a Muslim country, would there be a need for the Islamists to continue on in their journey?

Is it because the “West” is more of a free for all kind of place? That’s one line of thinking. The other is because it is all about infiltration, the rise of the Caliphate, and you can’t very well do that by immigrating to an already, all-Muslim country.

Bulgaria has had enough. The citizens of that nation have banded together to form the Organization for the Protection of Bulgarian Citizens.

This is their version of Minutemen, in that the OPBC is an all-volunteer squadron patrolling their nation’s border. The big difference, is that when they apprehend the illegal aliens they are met with praise and a high-five.

“I want to encourage them, because they have reacted very appropriately. The group [of migrants] was very calm, but it is not always like that,” said Bulgaria Border Police Chief Antonio Angelov. “This [volunteer patrolling] is very risky. It is not a child’s game.”

In America, they would be met with disgust from our President, labeled “Islamophobic,” and if there was a way for Obama’s DOJ to prosecute they would

The OPBC has rounded up dozens of the Muslim interlopers, and documented their efforts in a film called “No Man’s Land.” Their message is simple, “No Bulgaria for you.”  “Go home.”

We should be extending a similar greeting here to all refauxgees and all illegal aliens. “No America for you. Go home.”

Source: Mad World News



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