America, give yourselves a pat on the back. We’ve done it. We’ve driven the make believe news network, and Caliphate-is-coming creeper, Al-Jazeera America from our shores. It only took us less than three years to do so. They are packing up their Middle Eastern Bedouin-like tent on their Arabian pack-horses backs and headed back toward Mecca.

Give it up for American pride. Perhaps they learned their lesson when it comes to our original motto, “Don’t Tread of Me.” Any tried and true dyed in the wool conservative American was not, and is not, interested what it is the Israel hating, American hating, Western-culture hating, fear mongering friends of Jihadis has to say. They are the work of the government of Qatar, but here in American we don’t want a government run news source. Be it American government, or anyone else’s’ let along a Middle Eastern country.

Thirty-thousand viewers on average, per night. The numbers look to be worse however, with maybe only 7,000 viewers when it came to the primetime programs. Obviously, even the liberals don’t want them here! Scarily they won awards, including the Peabod, for their brand.  What kind of world are we living in when a prop-show like Al-Jazeera wins that kind of recognition? Don’t answer. We are talking about a world where President Obama is awarded a Nobel Prize for nothing.

Of course this all due to economic climate, and internal strife. Right….sure it is. Maybe a bit of it is, because  according to Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor, VP of business and culture; “It’s not shocking to me that the propaganda network for the oil nations collapses as oil prices collapse. He went on that in their 2 ½ year tenure, “they would have had to burn through hundreds of millions of dollars, just based on the number of staff that they had-hundreds and hundreds of staffers, including top-line network talent.”

On that note, perhaps what Al-Jazerra was is a study in stupidity. Who, in their right mind, would spend money like that on something going nowhere? Perhaps those with ulterior motives?


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