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This election is giving the U.S. electorate something that they've never had before, a spouse of a former president trying to win the election for herself. With that bit of history comes a lot of baggage, but also a lot of supposed credibility from former President Bill Clinton. And with a former president in her corner, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is trying to escape the biggest snafu of her life.

That snafu, if you haven't been paying attention to the media for the past year, deals with Clinton's private email server. But after the FBI Director James Comey came forward and called Clinton's actions and use of email "extremely careless," Bill Clinton stepped into the ring himself.

Clinton called out the FBI for restating their findings of classified material. Bill said that the FBI's backtracking was "a bunch of bull."

"They saw two little notes with a ‘C’ on it — this is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard — that were about telephone calls that she needed to make," Clinton told reporters in Las Vegas this week.

Unfortunately, Clinton's defense of his wife's position may be too little, too late. The entire nation knows that Hillary has been labeled as "extremely careless" by the FBI. And that's a big deal.

Clinton went on to try and change the subject from his wife, noting that there were hundreds of diplomats on the email threads as well who would not have been careless with the information Hillary was sharing. His point, however, neglected the fact that those diplomats weren't using private email servers housed in a less-than-secure facility. Clinton was.

The email circus will keep on going for some time, but it's clear that the media's attention to the issue has finally drawn the attention (and anger) of the Clinton campaign. That's most likely because they realize how vulnerable Clinton has become with the FBI epithet of "extremely careless."

h/t: NY Post


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