It is no secret that actor Bruce Willis is one of few in the Hollywood movie industry-a conservative. Likewise, Willis, when asked or when compelled, does not hold back in voicing his opinions when it comes to American liberties.

However, his recent generosity had little to do with his political views, and a whole lot to do with his gratitude for some often overlooked men and women in uniform.

Recently, Willis took the time to say thank you to roughly 450-500 firefighters who have been battling the epic Beaver Creek Fire in Idaho, as well as other blazes in the area.

Willis did this by providing a catered lunch and extending his thanks and recognition for their service;

“You are the men and women who put your lives at risk to protect ours on a daily basis, but it is at moments like these that your heroism comes to the forefront of our nation’s consciousness…”

Willis is absolutely correct.

In addition to our police forces, we should all be cognizant of our fire fighters who run into burning places, while the rest of us run out. They risk burning to death to save life, be it human or animal.

Thank you fire fighters everywhere.

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