Bruce Springsteen is most famous for being an American rockstar but his political views still make the spotlight quite often. Springsteen is a very outspoken liberal who is not afraid to push his leftist views out on the public.

Springsteen preaches his progressive ideas both on and off stage to whoever can stand to sit and listen to them. His most recent rant was targeted directly at President-elect Donald Trump and he didn't hold back.

After Springsteen decided to harp heavily on the Trump and play the race card he will have a hard time getting an invite to Trump's inauguration.

Truth Revolt reports that Springsteen went on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast and proceeded to insult Trump saying that he was fearful that Trump isn't "competent enough to do this particular job."

"Forget about where they are ideologically," he continued. "Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in a position of such responsibility?"

Springsteen said that Trump has let "racism, bigotry, intolerance out of the bottle."

Springsteen continued to bash Trump saying that he is responsible for a wave of racism and bigotry that he predicts will sweep the nation as Trump takes office. Of course he gave no evidence of any of these "racist" things that Trump has done, he only said that he was a racist and bigot and responsible for the racism in this country.

He went on to bash many Trump fans saying their ultimate goal was to push "other agendas" of racism on this country. This in and of itself is enfuriating that liberals continue to blindly search for some sort of outlandish excuse that Trump won the presidency, when the answer is right in front of them; the American people were tired of being lied to by scummy politicians and knew that Trump knew what was best for this country and believe that Trump is the one to make America great again.

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Source: Truth Revolt


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