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The scenario being played out in Broward County Florida, is no doubt being repeated all across America, in both rural communities and within urban enclaves, as more and more citizens become aware of what is taking place to our fundamental civil liberties.

And while the danger both real and in some cases imagined exists, one can’t ignore the undisputed fact that a persistent and perverse ideology is slowly creeping into our core values.

Joe Kaufman, the lead Republican is running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova for Florida's 23rd Congressional District.

And as expected both sides when it comes to the growing issue of “Sharia Law” and the growing influence of CAIR, the “Council of American-Islamic Relations” within both the Muslim and general community at large, have a different prospective on how to effectively deal with this issue.

And perhaps that where the issue lies, in its ambivalence, in that one of Broward County’s deputy sheriff’s is a practicing Muslim named Nezar Hamze, who also moonlights as an activist with Florida's Chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, which fights for Muslim civil rights.

This has prompted Kaufman to alien himself with David Rosenthal a lifelong resident to run against the Sheriff in a general election.

Rosenthal was quoted in an interview saying he's running for Broward sheriff, in order to "remove the terrorist deputy sheriff" and "investigate other Sharia-compliant Muslims now in official posts in Broward."

He continued; "What got me interested in this issue is that from last fall until now Sheriff Israel has been unwilling to answer questions or respond to our concerns, the sheriff, on the air, said it’s not a problem, but we think it’s a major problem that must be talked about, must be resolved. So I decided to run for sheriff, so that in the unlikely possibility that I win the office, I could do something about it."




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