Do doubt if you’ve been watching this daily “feeding frenzy” billed as a daily press briefing then you already know, it’s anything but an actual White House news briefing and more of a gaggle of rude, discourteous and disorderly Washington insiders pretending to be objective reporters, with an obvious political agenda. And every afternoon around 2 pm this ‘SOAP OPERA” runs its course with its daily dose of drama, created by these ‘BELTWAY REPORTERS” to coincide with the evening news.

The presidents appearing on Fox News was asked about his tweet suggesting that he might cut out or reduce the number of press briefings, and then about a rumor that is making the rounds among those political talking heads regarding his Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and perhaps replacing him with the bubbly well liked and charming Fox News Host of the “Five” Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Guilfoyle by all accounts is a well versed and knowledgeable individual; moreover beneath that attractive shell is a hard-nosed former prosecuting attorney for San Francisco and Los Angeles and also a former First Lady of San Francisco, so she certainly knows her way around progressive dogma.

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Spicer is a credible press secretary; however, there are moments when the press attempts to gang up on him and force him to either recant a statement or become embroiled in some meaningless discourse, which drags on and on.

When asked about Spicer’s future as Press Secretary, the President acknowledged how difficult the position was especially with the unprecedented hostility that exists between the Trump Administration and the mainstream media.

Perhaps the telltale sign was when the president was asked twice about Spicer’s future as press secretary, and the president dodged the question saying 'Well, he's doing a good job, but he gets beat up.'

'He's been there from the beginning,' he said the second time, equally as coy, as he refused to confirm if Spicer is retaining his job.

Guilfoyle no doubt brings a significant resume, and her demeanor and knowledge of how the media works is a tremendous asset, moreover although she’s a proud conservative she’s also a TV host and understands how to use the medium to her advantage, in that at the end of the day, it’s all theater, and that old axiom that perception is reality plays well in Washington whether we like it or not.

What do you think of replacing Sean Spicer with Kimberly Guilfoyle as the White House Press Secretary?

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Source: Daily Mail

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