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There’s little doubt after viewing the preponderance of evidence of countless video clips and within other various forms of media coverage, that “Black Lives Matter” is a hate group similar to that of the “New Black Panther Party,” and to claim otherwise is to simply once again rewrite history, and ignore the facts.

However Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke will undoubtedly keep reminding the mainstream media of those facts, which no doubt interferes with their progressive agenda that this organized and well founded gang of thugs is simply a civil rights group.

Clark’s quick actions last week in requesting the mobilization of the National Guard was in keeping with his law and order stand against contrived civil disorder that quickly rages into rioting.

Clark along with Gov. Walker immediately recognized the tactics being used by “Black Lives Matter” in taking advantage of a police incident, and escalating it to a demonstration, then into a full-blown riot.

And within a short time businesses were being looted and burned down, and it seemed for a while that Milwaukee would also fall victim, to mindless destruction, death and mayhem on the same scale as Ferguson.

However Wisconsin has their own firewall against anarchy, in one Gov. Scott Walker who heard Sheriff Clark loud and clear and signed the order to mobilize the Guard, which no doubt stopped the race hustlers in their tracks…good job Wisconsin!

Do you think more states and communities should follow in Wisconsin's footsteps in how that deal with BLM?

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