There was a time in America when the written word authored by a journalist within a respected news publication was tantamount to how people of faith viewed scripture, in that the word of God written within a holy book, was considered by the faithful to be unequivocal truth, similar to how we as Americans viewed the press, so much so that our Founders thought of them as “The Fourth Estate” the unofficial 4-branch of government and tasked with the awesome responsibility of being “the people's watchdog.”

Obviously as we’ve witnessed, those days no longer exist, in that today’s press is nothing more than a leftist propaganda mill, spewing out misinformation, at the behest of the Obama/Clinton gang.

Moreover the Wikileaks documents just released showing a number of brand named journalists and reporters attending a hushed up meeting with Hillary Clinton in 2015, shouldn’t surprise anyone paying attention.

The glitzy, intimate and “OFF THE RECORD” party between top campaign aides and media personalities was apparently never designed to see the light of day, and like almost everything the Obama/Clinton gang touches, corruption, malfeasance and criminality, isn’t to far behind.

The Wikileaks document chronicles the April 10th get-together described in a memo as a “cocktail party” announcing to the press Hillary’s presidential candidacy

The cast of characters are as obvious as the New York Times “illegally” releasing unauthorized and incomplete decades old tax returns of Donald Trump, or the Washington Post making public just days before the pivotal second debate, a damaging audio of Trump, with the sole primary goal of destroying one candidate over another, while also running interference for that other candidate…namely Hillary Clinton.




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