Betrayal hides itself in many forms, and perhaps the ultimate form is one of loyalty and perhaps friendship and no doubt the most significant betrayal of all is the “Judas kiss” found within Holy Scripture, the moment Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss for 30-pieces of silver.

Fast forward to 2016, and it appears we have another modern-day Judas, in the form of conservative Newsmax’s CEO Christopher Ruddy, who thanks to WikiLeaks has uncovered his clandestine attempt to help Clinton get elected to the White House.

The treasure-trove of leaked documents shows Ruddy directly emailing Hillary’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta on numerous occasions.

The first one dated June 10, 2014, appears to be a follow-up to a previous discussion, in which Ruddy informs Podesta he will be in DC during the week of June 23rd, and ”astoundingly” the email was forwarded to the White House.


In another email dated just 4-days after Ruddy appears to be discussing strategy with Podesta referencing his frustration and stating “the whipping is not going well in terms of votes” and that, “they really have been hurt by the Cantor loss”.


However what is really striking is in February 2014, the CEO of Newsmax Christopher Ruddy makes a one million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Moreover and perhaps the most shocking of all is how Newsmax’s number one host Dennis Michael Lynch, was suddenly fired after he announced to his producers he was going dig deeper into the Clinton scandals, and was literally thrown off the air, while the show was still in progress.

It seems this deal was indeed sealed with a kiss!

Do you think Chris Ruddy is a Clinton ally and really not a conservative at all?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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