WikiLeaks has been hinting for a while that they are going to release some major information soon that could completely cripple Hillary Clinton. Well rumors have surfaced that this "October surprise," as it's being called is set to be released on Tuesday.

The watchdog group's founder, Julian Assange, was supposed to give a speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, that has been giving him refuge, but he ended up cancelling it just before, siting "security threats" as the cause.

On the WikiLeaks Twitter feed the group showed an article by the True Pundit, in which Hillary asked "Can’t we just drone this guy," when referring to Assange and WikiLeaks.

It's not too much of a surprise that he had to cancel considering one of the biggest security threats that Assange may face is the woman that he's about to release very damaging information about.

Assange has not been shy about showing how he truly feels about Hillary for her many scandals and the potential that she may be trying to have him killed. Assange has been sure to help expose Clinton for her many corruption scandals and the other lies and threats she continues to dole out like candy.

There are many Americans who are thinking and hoping that the information set to be released on Tuesday will deal Hillary a blow that she can't come back from and forever ruin her chances of becoming president.

Nobody knows for sure what Assange is going to release just yet. There has been speculation about it being related to the some 33,000 deleted emails, while others think that it might have something to do with Hillary having people killed in her political pursuits. The theories range across the board and only time will tell what sort of dirt Assange really has on Clinton.

It still hasn't been confirmed just yet if anything substantial is going to be released but WikiLeaks tends to keep this type of stuff pretty secretive to try to reduce some of those "security threats."

One thing's for sure if something big does drop about Clinton that would drop her polls by a double digit drop she wouldn't be able to make up the ground in time to win the presidency by election day.

Let's just hope Assange and the rest of the folks over at WikiLeaks have something substantial to chop down Hillary once and for all.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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