Notorious billionaire drug lord 'El Chapo' escaped, or should we say walked out, of the Altiplano max security prison in south central Mexico last week. (A maximum security prison is kind of like 'Jumbo Shrimp, a complete contradiction) This video shows El Chapo calmly leaving his cell through a tunnel that was dug for him.

It is hard to believe that no one knew about the escape from the prison officials all the way up to the government. He was supposed to be wearing a bracelet that tracked him but he wasn't wearing that as well. Hmmmm. Here are photos that detail his escape...

Ladder that leads into the tunnel used in escape

Motorcycle that was waiting for El Chapo in the tunnel

Video details of the tunnel that was constructed for his escape

Mexico is a country that demonstrated complete lawlessness. Do you think this high profile criminal literally strolling out of prison is just another indicator that we need to stop letting the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs come across our border every single day?


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