The narrative of an out-of-town woman who was just looking for work has been slowly eroding the past few days, leading to talk of mental illness issues as well as an activism streak that included her #SandySpeaks series of videos. One such video has been found that shows evidence for non-compliance to authorities well before the arrest in Waller County, Texas.

Looking at the video, what seems to be taking place is Sandra Bland holding a demonstration of some type at a mall food court booth, soliciting signatures and using a large sign near a bowl of candy to attract passers-by. It's unclear exactly what the sign says, but what is clear is the violation of mall rules taking place here, no matter if you bought a soda or a purse or whatever. It should be obvious that a person would need mall permission to interact with shoppers in such a way, but not in this case apparently.


Of course, the goal here might be to get the cops called, that makes for a better video and helps spread the phony social media outrage. It doesn't matter if she understood the rule she was breaking or not, with quotes like "I'm here to change history", she wasn't leaving without incident. People have a job to do in this world, real cops or mall security, failure to follow rules can have awful results.

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