Only hours ago a video was released of what appears to be Donald Trump pulling up in his tour bus and speaking to Billy Bush in a rather lewd way about a group of women. Reports have yet to surface confirming the credibility of the video or explaining how it was obtained, but one thing's for sure, it doesn't look good for the Donald.

The video starts with Trump's tour bus pulling up and speaking about a woman from his past in very crass language. He mentions her breasts and the fact that she was married to Billy Bush in the bus. The two of them then proceed to continue speaking and joking in the bus for the next couple minutes before getting off.

It is unclear if the bus was bugged or if the two of them didn't realize that their microphones were on, or even if the video is real in the first place. It is however going completely viral and if it turns out that it's real it may spell the end for Donald Trump's political career.

Donald Trump has battled accusations of sexism in the past and this would only give the liberals more fuel for the fire. You will be sure to hear from Hillary Clinton and the rest of her mainstream media buddies about this rather shocking video in the next few hours and especially the days to come.

So close to election this may be a hard hit to come back from, especially if it has a large effect on Donald Trump's poll ratings. Only time will tell what sort of effects this video will have to Trump's campaign and what sort of validity the video holds.

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