After America erupted in outrage over what the mainstream media was calling another 'wrongful' police related shooting, some new evidence has come to light that the left wasn't telling you. This new information is tearing their false anti-cop stories apart.

When the media first broke the story of Crutcher's 'unjust' death in a police altercation they said Crutcher had his hands in the air when he was shot. However, this new evidence is showing that this is not exactly true.

After analyzing video footage taken from a police helicopter during the shooting, you can clearly see that his hands were not raised above his head. In fact, at the time that Crutcher was shot, his hands were down by his pockets and it appeared that he was reaching towards his vehicle.


"At the moment just before Mr. Crutcher (was) simultaneously shot once by Officer Shelby (right) and tased by Officer Tyler Turnbough (left), Mr. Crutcher’s hand is clearly down near his waist near the right front pants pocket area," wrote Bearing Arms editor, Bob Owens. "This is when both officers decided to discharge respective weapons."

The other massive hole in the liberals anti-cop narrative is that originally it was reported that Tulsa police had no legitimate reason to stop Crutcher in the first place.

This also is proving to be false as police didn't stop Crutcher at all. He effectively stopped himself.

KJRH reports that police received a 911 call at around 7:40 reporting an abandoned vehicle in the middle of the road. The caller explained that when they came up to the car the driver told them that he thought the car was about to explode.

The caller also said: "Yea, I think he's smoking something."

Officer Jeanne Mackenzie told KOTV that "As they approached the vehicle, a black male started towards them."

"They asked him to show his hands. He refused to follow commands given by the officers. They continued to talk to him," she continued.

"He continued not to listen, not follow any commands," she explained. "As they got closer to the vehicle, he reached inside the vehicle and at that time there was a Taser deployment, and then a short time later there was one shot fired."

To drive it all home New York City Daily news reports that a vial of PCP was found in Crutcher's car. So he was likely high on PCP at the time, a drug that often makes people violently belligerent and very dangerous to others.

Betty Shelby, the officer that actually shot Crutcher had recently undergone drug-recognition training and stated that she believed Crutcher to be intoxicated at the time.

Now with these new facts and the whole picture coming into view the scenario starts to take a completely different tone than the liberal media originally painted. The problem with situations like this is that no matter what the facts are, liberal America is so quick to vilify America's police force that they immediately start painting false narratives that don't show the whole picture.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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