The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge take-over situation is becoming murkier. The Hammonds are unaffiliated with the militia and have distanced themselves from it.

Perhaps due to the FBI confirmed threats they received that if they continued to speak with Ammon Bundy they would find themselves in “less desirable prisons.”

This video shows the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) setting an out-of-season “controlled burn” in July (2015) at high-grazing time.  The fire was set less than two weeks from the Hammonds’ re-sentencing.

The fires were lit in the immediate vicinity of area ranchers’ corrals and personal residential houses, at the public land/private land borders.  One rancher is heard saying the BLM are purposely surrounding his property by lighting fires.

Cows were killed, and a narrator points to a home on a hill where the BLM lit a fire and walked away. Ranchers were threatened by the BLM with arrest if they attempted to save their cattle.

Some were rescued and corralled, but no sooner did they get their cattle corralled than the BLM lit a fire near them again.

What do we do people? Everyone rails at Bundy, meanwhile the BLM is threatening people with prison, imprisoning others (twice!), and trying to burn ranchers out of their own land—not public land.

Talking heads have been screaming for years for We the People to rise up and take our country back. Then when a group steps forward, all of a sudden those same talking heads can’t condone the action.

Well, spokespeople of free speech, what do you suggest? Going to the polls ain’t fixing it.

That refuge center the militia took over is PUBLIC LAND. It belongs to you and me. If anyone is an interloper it is arsonist BLM at this point.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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