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Americans need to keep holding our heads high, fully supporting our military soldiers, and looking Iran square in the eye no matter how much Secretary of State, John Kerry, and Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, lick the boot heels of President Obama. They take turns, it would seem.

The dirty little secret about the 10 Navy sailors whose boat was pirated by Iranian thugs is that our Administration had a hand in orchestrating it.

According to Captain Chuck Nash;

“This was done intentionally and it was done to further embarrass the United States. And to send the clear message to the Gulf Arabs: If the Americans won’t stand up for themselves, they’re certainly not going to stand up for you. We’re the big dog now.”

This is what happens when you give Jihadis nukes, 400-Million Dollars in extortion money, and chase it with 1.5-Billion in interest. The thug taking your lunch money is emboldened.

Captain Nash wants to know if the apologizing soldier has been properly trained to have ever been on the water to begin with. Was he under duress?

Captain Nash is right; our soldiers were treated like drug runners, and propaganda. Of most importance is this was the Islamic Republican Guard Navy, who answer to Khamanei.  They are his personal henchmen.

Perhaps the apologizing soldier was concerned for the safety of his crew and Benghazi-style abandonment. Because hey, that’s what the State Department does right?

We better get a grip because this is becoming the stuff of nightmare. Khamanei propagates a Caliphate, and Obama gets his boots licked and he licks the feet of the Ayatollah.

Our soldiers are being used as pawns in their little game.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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