Once again the epidemic of violence against police officers continues. This time in Flagstaff, Arizona, as 24-year old police officer Tyler Stewart was shot as he was responding to a domestic violence incident, as officer Stewart was attempting to make contact with the alleged suspect,   the suspect suddenly opened fired on Stewart before turning the weapon on himself, and taking his own life.

In another separate incident Tarpon Springs officer Charles Kondek, 45, was gunned down by Marco Antonio Parilla Jr., a fugitive, and then ran over the dying officer’s body with his vehicle, before speeding off.

He was later captured and charged with first-degree murder of the officer, and of course bail was denied.

These two murders are yet another reminder of the tough and “thankless” response from a segment of the population within those inner cities that seems to forget that this thin blue line is all that stands between them and outright mayhem.

These two brave officers join a growing list of brave police officers cut down in their prime, doing a job that few would do, just recently another brave police officer was brutally cut down, for no apparent reason, other than wearing the uniform.

New York City police officer Brian Moore, 25, was recently gunned down while sitting in his unmarked patrol car. The suspect Demetrius Blackwell of Queens was arrested at his home about 90 minutes after the shooting.

Source: The US Patriot



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