After Obama released two militants from Guantanamo Bay this year they quickly showed him how wrong (and or stupid) he was for making this decision. They immediately went back to their organization to fight for the "cause."

An official report was released earlier this week detailing how, under Obama's watch, 9 militants released form Guantanamo Bay had gone back to rejoin their respective militant organizations.

The Office of Director of National Intelligence released the report saying the number of militants released from Guantanamo Bay that went to rejoin their terrorist organizations has dropped from 11 to 12 between the months of January and and July, Reuters reported.

This is still a massive number of reported "backsliders" as they are called.

According to an official very knowledgeable on the most recent statistics the number has declined due to the fact that a militant that the United States government had recently classified as "suspected" of going back to fight for his organization has just been classified as "confirmed" to have returned.

When the U.S. opened the Guantanamo Bay detention facility just after the 9/11 attacks the goal was to hold "foreign terrorism suspects."

However a large majority of these "suspects" have not been tried or even charged for years, and this was Obama's main talking point for his cabinet.

After much international criticism over Guantanamo Bay Obama had hope to close the detention facility in his first year in office. He expressed his plan in February to shut down the prison, even though many Republican lawmakers, and even a few Democrats explicitly expressed that this should not be done.

It is no surprise to anyone that of the 161 prisoners released from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility since 2009, at least 7 have been confirmed to going back to fight for their "cause," and now 11 others are suspected of having done the same.

It shouldn't take much to realize how disgusting this is to see that this many people have been allowed to leave custody to go back and potentially take thousands of American lives. Yet again, Obama has failed his country. Let's just hope Trump gets elected and we can finally put an end to such stupidity.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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