America has been supporting a relatively small security force in the Middle East as part of the war against ISIS and terrorism. That role is drawing attention, however, because now Americans are dying again in the Middle East.

Just yesterday, two American security personnel were shot to death at a police training camp in Amman, Jordan. According to sources the Americans were shot to death as well as a South African and several other Jordanians. Four other bystanders were also shot and wounded.

The attacks occurred at the King Abdullah police training center, a center where American security forces have been assisting local officers.

The attack was perpetrated by a Jordanian police captain, a fact that makes the murders even more striking because they occurred at a police training facility. Jordanian and American officials promised that they are fully investigating the murders, but it's unclear what motive they would be able to uncover.

According to sources, security personnel blocked several other plots to attack the training center, but even with those attacks thwarted it's unclear what the continued role of the United States should be in the region.

Jordanian officials have promised that they are doing what they can to combat ISIS in the area, but its obvious that Jordan is increasingly reluctant to poke such a powerful force in the region. If ISIS continues to gain strength, what will be the point in having just a few, small garrisons of U.S. training personnel in the area?

The United States has sacrificed blood, money, and time in the Middle East and all to no avail. There is still terrorism infused in the blood of the territory. There are still groups of people in the area who want America to burn.

It's tragic to see more American lives lost in pursuit of a peace that is unlikely. It's time to make some tough decisions about our role in the Middle East.

h/t: Las Vegas Review Journal

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