When Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held his campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio, thousands of his supporters turned out to show their loyalty and support. The problem came when many were turned away at the door and told that they would not be able to see Trump speak due to 'public safety' reasons, but the truth has come out and that doesn't seem to have been the reason behind the decision to close the doors.

The venue hosting the event, the Greater Columbus Convention Center, is able to hold 4,000 occupants, but only 1,000 people were allowed access to the Trump event; Columbus Fire Marshal Kevin O’Connor prevented the other 3,000 supporters from entering.

Naturally, Trump was outraged by this decision to limit the size of the event and called out Fire Marshal O'Connor for using a dirty trick to play politics.

Trump referred to O'Connor's cowardice as "politics at its lowest" and it would seem that he was on to something.

Fire Marshall O'Connor is one of the Democratic pawns commanded by Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, who is also a Democrat.

There were many tweets sent from the rally site showing thousands of people waiting in lines outside the convention center.

This is just another example of snaky political moves made by the liberals because they absolutely fear the power and momentum that Donald Trump has gained during his run for the presidency.

To really bring Trump's accusations home, it turns out that Mayor Ginther had campaigned with Hillary Clinton only one day prior to the rally in Columbus.

It's truly pathetic that the Clinton campaign is so frightened of Trump that it is willing to fight dirty to the point of turning citizens away from a public event to favor one party's candidate over the other's.

With the way Clinton has conducted herself and the amount of corruption that the two-faced woman is involved in, these types of moves are only going to increase and worsen in severity as Election Day draws nearer.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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