The main focus of the the left's attack on Donald Trump has been accusations that Trump avoided paying taxes by declaring almost $1 billion dollars in business losses in 1995. They say that he later used these losses in order to offset federal income taxes in the future in some sort of dastardly scheme.

Well, the man who would know the most about the matter, accountant Jack Mitnick, the man who handled Trump's taxes until 1996 has just revealed some very big news. Now that it's out, it would seem the liberal media's story is splitting at the seams.

Mitnick states that it would have been impossible for Trump to have manipulated the tax code at that time, as the liberal media would have you believe.

The liberal media is trying to paint Trump as some sort of backwards greedy Robin Hood, stealing from the poor to amass his own wealth. This sounds a bit more in line with the antics that Hillary has been pulling since day one.

Mitnick states that this leftist narrative couldn't be farther from the truth.

Mitnick explained the situation in an interview with NBC News, "As far as I know, and that only goes through late ’96, he didn’t (have the expertise to manipulate the tax code)."

This is why people hire accountants, to look at the numbers and make sure that taxes are done right.

This blows a massive whole in the left's story that Trump was some sort of diabolical mastermind, fudging the numbers to circumvent the law by personally manipulating the tax code.

The truth of the matter is, Trump paid an accountant to do what accountants do take care of his taxes and maximize deductions. In case the masses tricked by the mainstream media didn't know, this is exactly what everyone who uses an accountant does, including those whining liberals do every year.

If that wasn't enough to shred their story to bits, Mitnick explained further on CNN, "Those returns were entirely created by us."

So it's clear that Trump himself had almost nothing to do with his own taxes or the deductions that the liberals are so mad about. As for the argument that Trump did the wrong thing by maximizing deductions, those liberals still yapping about this should take a look at their own taxes and see how 'guilty' they (or more likely their accountants) are of doing the same thing.

Just as always we have a classic case of the left showcasing how good they have gotten at being the biggest group of hypocrites in America. It's totally fine for any of them to do any of these things that they 'hate' so much but as soon as somebody else they don't like does it it's an absolute outrage.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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