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After watching former governor Mike Huckabee’s performance during those grueling debates, one can’t help but admire him for his grace and his unique sense of humor – he’s become “the Happy Warrior" of the Republican Party, a distinction once held by another politician name Hubert H. Humphrey, who also went into political battles with a unique sense of grace and humor, thus the name “the Happy Warrior."

The morning after Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out, Trump immediately became the presumptive nominee, prompting “the Happy Warrior" Huckabee to post on his website regarding his future with both the Republican Party and its likely nominee.

“I will be all in to help him defeat Hillary Clinton and I call upon all fellow Republicans to unite in defeating Hillary and abandoning and repudiating the hapless “Never Trump nonsense,”” the former Arkansas governor wrote.

He added, “The dirty little secret is that the Never Trump movement was more about providing high dollar work for the political consultants than stopping the disaster of a Obama third term which is the result of electing Hillary Clinton.”

“I’m convinced that Donald Trump is our best hope of turning the tide of the insider political nonsense that has left people seething and being able to defeat Hillary,” Huckabee concluded.

Huckabee is one of those few politicians who has actually earned a good living within the private sector; he isn’t a career politician, and as such brings a unique perspective to the entire process.

No doubt this “Happy Warrior” will be out there with is unique sense of grace and humor, helping “The Donald” to become President!

h/t: Conservative Tribune


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