Churchill bust shown with former President G.W. Bush

Perhaps the least acknowledged sidebar to the Obama Presidency was his obvious ambivalence towards the United Kingdom, and his belief that England and to some degree America were imperialist countries that needed to have their influence reduced around the world.

That thinking was fostered to a great degree by his father Barack Obama Sr., a self-described “Black Nationalist” who was imprisoned by the Brits for 2-years on suspicion of spying for the Kenyan Independence Movement. In prison Obama Sr., was subject to beatings and abuse and developed a deep loathing for anything British.

Although his animosity towards the United Kingdom has been well concealed all these years, when Obama took office in 2008 the bust of Prime Minister Winston Churchill was no doubt a source of contention, and had to go.

However now that a new administration is ready to take control in January, the bust of the Prime Minister will once again adorn the Oval Office.

Nigel Farage, a member United Kingdom Independence Party, and a big time Trump supporter had asked for the bust to be replaced when meeting with the President Elect saying: “At the end of our time with Trump, we asked him if the bust of Sir Winston Churchill that Obama had removed from the Oval Office could be put back in its rightful place,” Farage explained. “He enthusiastically thought that was a good idea.


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