We've all heard about the tragic natural disaster that has plagued Louisiana. The flooding has taken lives, livelihoods and homes of the residents of Louisiana. Many have dropped what they're doing to come volunteer and help the families in need, and that includes our hopeful president Donald Trump. However, just like the heartless fear-mongering Black Lives Matter group, who was too busy protesting at Graceland on Elvis's birthday to help the victims, Barack Obama can't be bothered to even show face while he enjoys his relaxing vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

Trump has shown that he truly does care about the tens of thousands of people in Louisiana who have lost almost everything in the massive flooding that is said to be the worst natural disaster that Louisiana has seen since Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

He has shown how much he cares by coming to Baton Rouge with running mate Mike Pence in order to survey the area and taking time to speak with the families affected by the flooding.

Trump isn't just doing this as some sort of publicity stunt. The GOP presidential nominee has the victims in his mind and in his heart, and mentioned the tragedy during a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina this past Thursday.

"Though words cannot express the sadness one feels at times like this, I hope everyone in Louisiana knows that our country is praying for them and standing with them to help them in these difficult hours," Trump said at the rally.

This is a completely different reaction to the biggest hypocrite of all – President Obama who has said nothing on the matter, which is interesting considering the brutal attack that Obama dished out to George W. Bush for not paying enough attention to Katrina victims in 2005.

"We can talk about levees that couldn’t hold, a FEMA that seemed not just incompetent but paralyzed and powerless, about a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground," said Obama after Hurricane Katrina.

Now Obama refuses to interrupt his vacation to even do a 'fly-by.' It would seem Obama doesn't even care about hiding his true colors in his last few months in office, and they are showing through even to the liberal news sources.

"The president’s vacation is scheduled to wrap up on Sunday," wrote The (Baton Rouge) Advocate, a liberal editorial board in Baton Rouge. "But he should pack his bags now, and pay a call on communities who need to know that in a national catastrophe, they are not alone. The president’s presence is already late to this crisis, but it’s better later than never."

We all know that he can't be bothered by these homeless victims because he's too busy enjoying his time at the private estate on Martha's Vineyard and hitting golf balls all day.

Trump's kind actions aren't going unnoticed. One reporter for LifeZette who observed the presidential hopeful's actions from the time that he hit the tarmac noted something remarkable. Trump has been "playing the role of president," while our useless president is nowhere to be seen. This country needs someone that will act in a time of crisis and we've all seen how Hillary reacts under pressure.

It's good that this country has Trump to do the presidential duties that our country deserves, because we all know Obama hasn't done them and he's not changing his ways now.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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