Perhaps nothing explains better America’s cultural divide, then listening to young journalists this week attempting to explain the issue of North Korea and America’s role on the world stage. The breathless exchange between young reporters and seasoned political and military analysts was extraordinary and yet not at all surprising.

Moreover a stark reminder of just how destructive the last 8-years under Obama has been to America’s psyche, and those young individuals ignorant of world history, and the obvious contrast between the former president and President Trump.

Under this Commander-in-Chief there’s no ambiguity, no equivocation, and certainly no “hand-wringing” with doubt.

As evident by Trump’s dispatch of several aircraft carriers steaming towards the Korean peninsula, a move that is seen as a clear message to both our friends and enemies around the world, that this president will no longer “lead from behind.”

Moreover, the message is directly aimed at North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, warning the young porky tyrant to “stand-down.”

And according to well-placed sources from South Korean media President Trump’s decision to send two more carrier strike groups, will give the president a tremendous amount of air and naval firepower at the disposal of the military’s regional commander.

The announcement of the deployment comes directly from South Korean government officials who claimed knowledge of the deployment orders, stating that in addition to the USS Carl Vinson, already steaming toward Korea from Singapore, the carrier strike groups of the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz were also ordered to the region.

If those reports are accurate, this deployment will, in fact, be the first time since WWII that this many carrier strike groups have been deployed to the same area at the same time.

President Trump will neither confirm or deny those reports and has made clear his administration will never openly discuss strategy or asset movements, for obvious reasons.

Source: Zero Hedge

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