With the presidential race being as close as it is any gain in ground can be monumental in determining the future president of our nation. Recent polls indicate that the gap between Trump and Hillary has diminished significantly. Now the Clinton camp is scrambling to try to salvage any lead that they still have.

The poll shows Trump making some serious headway in both the head to head and the first ever four-way presidential ballot.

The poll clearly shows Hillary holding only 41 percent compared to Trump's 39. With only a two point gap it's going to be anyone's game.

The difference is Trump is gaining momentum where as Hillary only continues to crash and burn with one scandal after the next.

Things start to get interesting when we look at who is taking the other portion of the vote.

Garry Johnson the Libertarian candidate holds 9 percent and the Green Party candidate Jill Stein holds 4 percent of the vote which only leaves out 7 percent.


These people are taking away from Clinton's vote more than Trump's showing and even further split in the reluctant would-be Hillary supporters.

In the head to head Hillary holds a 6 percent lead over Trump having 48 to Trumps 42 percent. Which is a significantly smaller lead compared to the 10 point lead the poll showed taken just after the left's antics and the DNC and the stunt pulled by the race baiting family of a fallen soldier, in which Trump was painted as having attacked a gold star mother.

Fox News reports that these close numbers are more or less immobile seeing as 87 percent of Clinton supporters say they are final in their decision and the same goes for 88 percent of Trump supporters.

What is interesting is that 87 percent of non-Hillary Clinton supporters say that they would never vote for her.

Where Trump will make up ground is in the middle. Those undecided will have to see the light and understand just what a nightmare this country would be if Hillary were in office, because if they don't that nightmare will surely become a reality.

Source: Fox News


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