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There’s little doubt that the Obama/Clinton machine is working overtime in their attempt to unseat Constitutional scholar, lawyer and congressman Trey Gowdy.

The young charismatic congressman who represents the 4th Distract in South Carolina, was rumored at one point to be contemplating retirement, after his role as House Benghazi Chairman was over, however those rumors were laid to rest at the beginning of the year when Gowdy filed reelection paperwork, which no doubt had the Obama/Clinton gang scrambling to find someone to unseat the popular firebrand conservative who’s no doubt a constant thorn in the side of one corrupt lady, namely Hillary Clinton.

The former First Lady has funneled vast amounts of “Clinton cash” to Chris Fedalei her Democratic stooge, with the hope of unseating Gowdy.

However it appears that Fedalei is running out of money and is having a hard time keeping up with the popular congressman.

Moreover the good people of South Carolina apparently know a good thing when they have it, and have donated over $1.3 million dollars to Gowdy’s war chest, and a new record for his distract.

There’s little doubt that the Obama/Clinton gang will continue pouring money into Fedalei’s failing campaign, however as Donald Trump’s campaign has demonstrated, pouring money into a campaign, especially when you’re a corrupt career politician, doesn’t always guarantee a victory, and in fact may actually be a liability, especially if you’re a savvy critical thinking voter, like those in the 4th Distract.

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