For those of us that remember the tragedy of that night, when we first heard the news coming over the airwaves of something significant taking place in Libya, we had already been primed that day because it was also the 11th Anniversary of 9/11 and if you lived in New York you were especially aware and perhaps even a bit uneasy about that date.

Moreover the “Breaking News” banner which began to appear on every news channel confirmed that indeed something was taking place in a remote area of Libya identified as Benghazi and that a firefight was taking place at an American compound.

And it’s within that backdrop on the evening of September 11th 2012 that Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina has traveled and navigated through a long and winding road of detours stonewalling, cover-ups, corruption and deceit.

He has attempted against overwhelming odds to ferret out the truth of what actually took place on the hours leading up to the attack, and its aftermath, which left 4-brave Americans dead, and still many unresolved questions.

Gowdy deserves to be commended for his tenacious resolve and the people’s gratitude for his courageous investigation that challenged both the White House’s handling of the attacks and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s attempt to falsely claim it was a video that caused the attack.

The young congressman had some final words about his experience in chairing the Congressional Benghazi Panel stating this was the “final, definitive accounting” of the Benghazi events.

He continued: “The committee is proud to have been able to tell the story of the ingenuity and bravery displayed by our nation’s heroes in Benghazi, who banded together to save one another, when no other help was ever on the way.”

“Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were heroes who gave their lives in service to our country. Their bravery and the courageous actions of so many others on the ground that night should be honored.”

Although proud of what he had accomplished, it was also evident Gowdy was frustrated at not being able to bring those responsible to justice;  “Our committee’s insistence on additional information about the military’s response to the Benghazi attacks was met with strong opposition from the Defense Department, and now we know why. Instead of attempting to hide deficiencies in our posture and performance, it’s my hope our report will help ensure we fix what went wrong so that a tragedy like this never happens again.”

Source: Conservative 101

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