During WWII the “catch phrase” when the bombardier released his arsenal of destruction over an enemy target was “bombs away”, today it’s a simple declaration by the pilot of the enemy target ahead, and with that the US military led forces have staged 22 air strikes on self-proclaimed Islamic State targets since Friday.

The strikes included four near Ramadi, the Iraqi city taken by ISIL earlier this month.

A fightback against the Sunni jihadists has been launched involving an offensive by 2,000-3,000 mostly Shi’ite pro-government militias east of Ramadi.

A bridge allegedly closed by the authorities was asked to be re-opened by leading Sunni Iraqi figure to allow displaced people to reach Baghdad.
The last several days have seen tens of thousands flee Ramadi and the violence in Anbar province.

There have been fears that militants might be hidden in the crowds, but the government waived restrictions and granted them entry on condition that each family should have a sponsor.

Following ISIL’s seizure of Palmyra in Syria, the UN Security Council said it was particularly worried about the fate of women and children in the city, given the jihadists’ record of abduction and exploitation.

Compounding fears that the site’s historical ruins may be destroyed, extremists are said to have planted their black flag on the roof of the citadel which dominates the city.

h/t: Live Leak

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