The thought of Texas seceding from our great Union has been laughable. Every time it pops up in the news, almost everybody just rolls their eyes.

The bulk of people attribute the concept to the nut job conservative extremists.  What is up with them, anyway?

Well, let’s answer that. What IS up, is Texans are tired of the overreach by the federal government, not to mention the utter impotence of our neutered Republicans who hold congressional seats. 

So, the concept of secession keeps coming up, repeatedly. In fact, it has gained enough traction that the GOP is going have to address it head-on at the May 12th-14th GOP convention in Dallas.

The Texas National Movement is all for it, and so far there have been 10 or 22 resolutions confirmed in regard to saying audios to the Union. Then there’s Tom; “Republican isn’t even in their name,” said GOP Chairman Tom Mechler. It is not clear if he is describing the TNM or the Tea-Party themselves.

It is not clear if he is describing the TNM or the Tea-Party themselves, but you can tell Republicans shudder at the thought of having to talk about what their bosses, the people, want to talk about.

While Secession is illegal, per the Supreme Court (1861), our Founding Fathers indicated that we do, in fact, have the right AND the responsibility to take such actions or others fitting to the situation.  

They did it. Why shouldn’t we if the extreme need arises? When the government becomes lawless, all bets should be off.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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