With Emperor Obama’s decree that he will begin letting thousands of Syrian (and other) RefuJihadis to cross into our country, the state of Tennessee is taking legal action.  Obama announced that the background check time for the asylum seekers would be reduced from two years, to three months.

Amazing! The government can get something done in short order when it wants too. Particularly, when it is harmful to the nation and only requires them to continue to be derelict in the one and only job they are authorized to do—protect the nation.

Back in 2008, Tennessee withdrew from the Obama’s jihadi infiltration program, the “resettlement program.” They are among 12 states to have done so, but will be the first to sue the federal government for violation of the 10th Amendment.

“The Syrian surge heightens out sense of urgency to get this property before the courts, and we urge the attorney general to act without detail,” said state Senator, Mark Norris.

The resolution, SJR467, certainly looks to be a bipartisan effort as it passed 69-25 in the House, and 29-4 in the Senate. Governor Bill Haslam is on the fence as to whether he will support it or not.

Of course he is on the fence! He is a Republican and lately all the Republican Party appears to do is pee themselves when push comes to shove. Hurray for the state legislators for “holding it.”

This is what our state elected representatives need to be doing—representing their constituents. If you take a general poll among your friends, neighbors, and colleagues, you will likely find few who are supportive of the resettlement program.

Unfortunately, with King Obama, the Democrat Party, and the unbelievably useless Republican Party, all of us are being ignored.

We need to remember their dereliction come election time, no matter when it is in your state, as there are varying cycles to be sure.  We need to get the Benedict Arnolds out of office ASAP.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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