Just when it seems politics can't get any crazier, something like this happens. In a surprise turn of events that shows the extreme desperation of the established GOP Ted Cruz and John Kasich are pooling resources, funds, and ideas to try and stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination.

Their strategy is simple. Don't waste airwaves or dollars competing against anyone except for Trump. Consequently, Kasich has stopped openly campaigning in Indiana, a state where Cruz is polling well. Likewise, Cruz has stopped campaigning in Oregon and New Mexico while Kasich is focusing his efforts there.

It's unclear how the two trailing Republican candidates came up with the strategy, but what is clear is the emotion that their actions are bringing forth in front-runner Trump.

"Wow, just announced that Lyin' Ted and Kasich are going to collude in order to keep me from getting the Republican nomination. DESPERATION!" Trump tweeted soon after word broke of the collaboration between Kasich and Cruz.

Kasich, however, assured the press on Monday that nothing was strange about his decision not to campaign against Cruz and Trump in Indiana.

"I'm not campaigning in Indiana and he's not campaigning in these other states, that's all. It's not a big deal," he said.

But, whatever way your vote falls, it is a big deal. Never before have we seen someone like Trump gather the emotion of the masses and turn it into a political movement. If Trump weren't running, Bernie Sanders might compare, but Sanders' campaign has nothing on the Trump wave.

The GOP is scrambling, trying everything it can to stop Trump from sweeping more states during Tuesday's primaries in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island--states in New England where Trump has done very well.

Perhaps the strategy by Cruz and Kasich will work to keep them both in the running and make the Republican convention a contested one. Only time and votes will tell.

h/t: CNN

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