Do you remember Vincent Foster? He was Hillary’s best friend and confidant. He was the guy, who way back in 1993 drove himself to Fort Marcy Park, near the Washington Parkway in Virginia, put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

His suicide gun, still in his hand, had no fingerprints on it.  How does that happen?

Turns out one of Kenneth Starr’s investigator and lead prosecutor, Miguel Rodriguez, was asking that same question, among others.

He was also curious about a possible second bullet hole to Foster’s next. Rodriguez became the target of an internal investigation.

He resigned;

“I steadfastly maintained, and continue to maintain, that I, at all times, conducted myself as an experienced and trained prosecutor, with years of federal prosecutorial experience and federal grand jury experience.”

He went on to identify the compromising of the case, to include not addressing the supposed bullet hole in Foster’s neck, lack of fingerprints on the gun, lack of autopsy, and the fact that Foster’s car was not at the park as confirmed by witnesses, roughly an hour before the suicide.

That last one we can probably overlook. It is not outside the realm of possibility he drove up, put it in park, and ate a bullet.  So, time of death must have something to do with it.

This is the stuff conspiracy theories are made of, followed by books, and movies. The documentation regarding the rehashing of the Foster death is the result of unearthing of documents tucked away in the National Archives. This could spell additional trouble for Hillary. Add it to the email server, Benghazi, and new emails coming to light involving her aides.

Perhaps Foster's spirit is not at peace.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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