North Carolina has turned into a battleground over the death of an armed man. What started as a peaceful protest in memory of Keith Lamont Scott turned into a vicious brawl that spread over the entire city.

Scott was killed by police at his apartment complex, but was definitely armed. That hasn't stopped thousands of protesters to turn a peaceful protest into a riot which broke into stores, confronted police officers and left an innocent bystander in critical condition.

That bystander was shot, not by police, but ironically by one of the protesters who was protesting against the shooting of another man. Throughout the encounter, four police officers were wounded, but are currently stable and dealing with non-life-threatening wounds.

The protest took place in central Charlotte, an area that hasn't been burdened with protests recently. All that changed, though, as the protesters broke into a Charlotte Hornets NBA store, a Hyatt hotel and attempted to storm the lobby of a local hotel called the Omni Hotel.

Attacks against police continued and governor Pat McCrory raised a state of emergency and called in busloads of National Guard troops. Those troops were too late to stop some of the most intense rioting we've seen recently, however.

Protesters grouped together on the local Interstate, I-277, to stop cars, ride down the street on top of cars and throw rocks at other passing cars.

In addition to stopping traffic on the roads, online traffic to Charlotte's website was halted as a group of unknown hackers broke into the city of Charlotte's website, taking it offline for several hours.

Though Scott's family decried the violence and urged protesters to not harm law enforcement, this is the perfect example of mob rule and what happens when people are allowed to give free rein to their anger and their emotions.

h/t: ABC News

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