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If rumors swirling around Fox are true that Magyn Kelly’s surprise departure may be a foregone conclusion, the reason perhaps may lay with her ridicules $20-million annual salary demand, and her plummeting ratings rather than her feud with Trump, or the fact that she has apparently decided to appeal to a more moderate audience.

No doubt many loyal viewers were turned off my Kelly’s continued attempt to denigrate Trump by booking guests who continually attacked him on her show “The Kelly File” as perhaps retaliation against Trump, for refusing to do her show.

The unconfirmed reports are stating that Kelly has been fired and her replacement will be Jeanine Pirro, who hosts “Justice with Jeanine Pirro.”

The report stems from a David Zublick video and stating:“ Hello Folks, this is David Zublick with the America Talks radio programmer with a flash bullet-in. It is being reported on local talk-radio stations in New York, that Fox News is looking to dump Megan Kelly and to replace her with Judge Jeanine Pirro.”

What is apparent is that since Kelly’s the well publicized feud with Trump, she has apparently been able to parlay that into more mainstream exposure, which has made her into the media darling of the left, which of course has given her some additional opportunities to re-brand herself, doing interviews and appearing on magazine covers, and even her new makeover seems tailor-made for prime time, and perhaps someone will pay her the $20-million she thinks she’s worth.


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