“What a shocker!” Gunfire by armed thugs in Chicago!

However it’s only a shocker if those within the mainstream media and within the political establishment still believe that the mayhem at the University of Chicago was a spontaneous act and not a well-funded and well orchestrated and executed attempt to stop Donald Trump and his massive following.

The “near riot” was a collaboration between the money-man billionaire George Soros and the radical leftist group MoveOn.org and the apparent bad planning (or complacency), by the political leaders within the city of Chicago.

Adding to this toxic mixture of anarchy was none other than domestic terrorist and college professor Bill Ayers, and the Black Lives Matter thugs who’ve used the pretext of civil rights, to bully, intimidate and instigate confrontations, for the evening news telecasts.

However some of these clowns aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the bunch as this video chronicles the sheer stupidly of Black Lives Matter protester and thug one “Jaamal Williams” firing a semi-automatic assault weapon into the air with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

Of course, once the video started going viral, Williams’ account disappeared, but not before screen shots were taken of some of his intelligent comments on social media, which explains a lot. Williams suddenly became “Rob K,” who appeared to be equally intelligent.

However what isn’t fully explained is why t this incident hasn’t yet been actively investigated, perhaps Mayor Rahm Emanuel can enlighten us.

h/t: Conservative Tribune


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