What do Black Lives Matter, F**k Yo Flag, homegrown terrorist Bill Ayers, international thug George Soros and MoveOn.org, have in common with Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump?

Political rallies. While Trump holds his rallies as get-togethers for his supporters, all the rest of the pacifist tolerant liberals terrorize the masses. 

In fact, a Black Lives Matter terrorist was seen firing a semi-automatic weapon into the air of the rally crowd.  Because, you know that is how the anti-Second Amendment crowd does things. They disarm all the good people in the world and then turn the guns on them.

The person who shot the weapon may or may not have been there, but a video of him doing so has been posted to social media.

One brilliant mind, who goes by the handle “Rob K” supposedly manufactured the gun-toting character, Jaamal Williams. Unfortunately, his little illegal escapade got noticed. That was the whole point of his posting was it not?

Needless to say, like the coward he is, he took the posting down. If these societal leaches can’t hid behind paper bags or fake Twitter handles they can’t conduct their reigns of terror. 

After saying “Trump supports are the dumbest…” he said, “Stupid racist hillbilly rednecks who will believe anything” he fesses up and says Jaamal Williams was a “parody, “so that he could “troll Trump supporters.”

The only thing anybody believes about Rob K, is that he is a parody of a retard. He is a thug and who is also a coward because he won’t stand behind anything he says unless he has a gun in his hand.

FeelTheBern, people. Oh we are. The burning fury that smart people getting when dealing with stupid people like Rob K/Jaamal Williams.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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