Sheriff David Clarke knows that the Washington "Deep State" that controlled and protected Barack Obama wants President Donald Trump removed from office.

Following the latest media attacks against the president, Clarke, a conservative who runs as a Democrat, has come out swinging on social media.

"The continued attacks on our president is the establishment trying to nullify the will of We the People who elected him to lead this country," said Clarke, the former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin and current deputy secretary of Homeland Security.

The so-called Deep State -- Trump prefers the term "Swamp" -- is a behind-the-scenes cabal of globalists, neoconservatives, and neoliberals that seeks to formulate and direct America's foreign and domestic policies.

The Deep State, a neologism which is becoming more widespread with daily use, can be described as a loosely organized state within a state that has found a willing ally in the mainstream media and members of both major parties. It is anti-Trump for the simple reason that Trump won't do things the way of the Deep State.

If anything can be said about this president, he is full of surprises.

Trump recently came under attack in the Washington Post because he allegedly gave up state secrets during an Oval Office meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador.

Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey Is likely another reason for the WaPo hit-piece.

The WaPo story was followed by yet another whopper of a tale -- in the New York Times -- regarding the so-called "Comey memos" taken from a meeting between Trump and the disgraced FBI director. In the piece Trump is accused of "obstructed justice."

Clarke obviously has heard enough from the fake news media and wants this duly elected president to be allowed to do his job, which is to secure the good the country.

Please share your comments if you believe Donald Trump will survive the latest attempts to undermine his presidency.

Source: Truthfeed


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