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For those of us who watched in stunned disbelief the unfolding tragedy taking place on the evening of September 11th 2012 in Benghazi, Libya, we wondered how could this be happening.

The answer for most of us following the immediate carnage was that something went terribly wrong, and within days most of us realized that the primary cause was a “failure of leadership” from those in Washington.

Yesterday we witnessed once again that same “failure of leadership” when the House Benghazi committee released its final report of that tragic event that claimed the lives of 4-brave Americans, including that of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

We witnessed once again Hillary Clinton attempting to deflect, distract, and denounce the facts surrounding the deaths of those men and her failure to protect them.

On the night of 2012, Clinton and company blamed a video for the carnage, in her attempt to deflect the obvious, yesterday she attempted to once again deflect from the damaging report by hiding behind the Second Amendment, and attempting to distract her followers and the press by posting a bogus issue on gun control, to her Facebook page.

Creating her own narrative in how to take guns away from terrorists by creating a 3-action plan, and of course blaming Republicans for standing in the way, and concluded her remarks by claiming we need a president who will stand up to the gun lobby.

Yet one can’t help but wonder why on the night of September 11th why she didn’t stand up to those terrorists and save the lives of those brave Americans begging for help, rather than the order…“to stand down.”

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