Trump made a promise to the American people on the campaign trail to build a big and beautiful border wall to keep illegals from waltzing into our country.

The mainstream media, liberals and especially illegal aliens themselves thought it was nothing but talk and accused even Trump of being a racist simply for wanting to protect out border.

One thing we have all witnessed is that Trump is not about making empty promises. Since he's been in office, he has set out to make good on all his campaign policies.

This leads us to the beginning of the construction of the wall on the U.S. and Mexico border.

More from Truth Feed:

Naco, Arizona has reported that 7 1/2 miles of flimsy pedestrian fencing has been now replaced by a massive steel border wall.

Border agents actually prefer the slits because they allow them to see any threats on the other side while being at the ground level.

While other areas of the border will surely have a “brick and mortar” wall, it was widely missed in the passed budget plan that Trump received over 1.5 billion to improve border control including replacing flimsy fencing with steel wall.

Check out the first images of the newly constructed barrier.

The wall appears to be around 40 feet tall.

No illegal will be able to scale this wall. This is a sound barrier that will not only stop illegals who attempt to get over or under this wall but it will serve as a major deterrent that will stop illegals from even trying to get across the border in the first place.

This shows the final piece of the 7 and a half mile stretch of wall being fitted into place:

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