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Cheryl Mills, a witness in the FBI's investigation into the use of Hillary Clinton using a private email server, was seen on video leaving Hillary's house at around 10am.

This comes shortly after Bill Clinton held a private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Much like the Benghazi scandal Hillary, or both Clintons as it now appears in this case, would lead you to believe that this is a small issue that is being politicized by conservatives in order to attack Secretary Clinton.

However, in private the power couple appears to be doing everything in their political power to ensure that Hillary's rampant mistakes do no actual harm to her campaign.

It is harm to claim complete confidence in having done no wrong, while also covering you tracks with both cloak and dagger in your hand.

It may never fully be revealed the extent as to which Hillary jeopardized US national security with her carelessness, but it is at least clear at this point that she knows how greatly she screwed up.

People don't go around meeting with witnesses, or have their husbands shmooze with prosecutors if they are innocent.

This serves as yet another reminder that Hillary Clinton lies, and her repudiation of the charges brought against her with both the Benghazi, and email server scandal should be taken as such: lies.

Trump knows that a fix is in the works:

Source: Breitbart


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