If you want a president who hates law enforcement even worse than the one we currently have, then vote for Bernie Sanders. He has great plans for the thin blue line. Not to mention the Department of Justice.

“If elected president of the United States, my Department of Justice will investigate every killing of an American held in police custody or killed while being apprehended — an automatic Department of Justice investigation.”

Of course, by this he is only speaking of African Americans. He needs the black vote and he needs to pander to the black thug movement, because he would not get any black votes if he didn’t. He needs the good old liberal standby of voter intimidation.

His solution is to have the federal government, “make and create training procedures so that police officers understand that the use of lethal force is the last response, not the first response.” He goes on to say, “Too often people are shooting, and then asking question later.

In that he is right. Too often the criminals are pulling guns on the innocent and law enforcement. If anybody needs to understand the use of lethal force it is the ne’er-do-well bad guys of the world.

“We need to demilitarize local police departments around this country so they don’t look like occupying armies, and we need to make police departments reflect the diversity of the communities they are serving,” according to Bernie.

Wrong. We need to empower our police department so that they can run the gang banging occupying armies out of town. Nobody cares about diversity. They care about being safe.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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