Amid recent revelations that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, send and receive emails containing highly sensitive information on her private server, contrary to her repeated assertions, and that as Secretary of State, she was charged by law with protecting such material regardless of its marking, the Russian government may be preparing to drop a bombshell in the former Secretary’s campaign for the presidency.

Sources deemed to be reliable are reporting that the Russian government is signaling its intention to release an undisclosed number of emails Clinton sent in her capacity as President Obama’s first Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

If true, and if the Putin government does, in fact, release such emails, Clinton’s long-standing talking points would not only be disproved, but the elements of a criminal violation of federal law would clearly be established.

Clinton has claimed that her private server, which according to the findings of the Inspector General’s report released in late May, was not only unauthorized, but would never have been allowed had she sought permission, was never hacked, something IT specialists say is impossible to prove.

The release any of the emails by President Putin would support allegations that Clinton’s action in setting up the unprecedented server arrangement placed U.S. top secret data at risk of discovery by foreign intelligence agencies of both allies and adversaries.

The Russian government indicates it obtained the classified emails via Romanian hacker, Guccifer, who hacked Clinton email correspondent Sidney Blumenthal.

Federal law is clear that failure to secure classified information, whether marked or unmarked, through gross negligence is a felony punishable by a fine and or imprisonment of up to ten years.

Clinton, the Democrat presumptive nominee of the Democrat party, recently received a blow when FBI Director James Comey publically corrected her oft-repeated claim that his agents are conducting a “security review” or “inquiry,” of her email system, saying he is not familiar with the term and adding, “We’re conducting an investigation. That’s what we do.”

The FBI’s investigation is reportedly also focusing on the relationship between Clinton’s State Department, her family’s Clinton Foundation, and private and foreign government donors.

President Obama announced his endorsement of Clinton despite her status as the first candidate to be nominated for the presidency while under criminal investigation by the FBI.

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