Hillary Clinton may believe that she's gotten away with her email scandal, but with her approval numbers dropping at a rapid rate, it's clear that she'll have to face the music eventually. In the meantime, reports are coming out about an inside deal between the Clintons and the FBI that may have led to the lax response to Hillary's email scandal.

FBI agents who were a part of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's privately hosted email server say that they believe there is an "inside deal" that was brokered between the Clintons and the Justice Department to enable Hillary to escape prosecution.

Agents who worked on the case, however, are speaking under conditions of anonymity because the Clinton investigation required all agents to sign nondisclosure agreementsĀ before beginning the investigation. While the fact that they signed the NDAs isn't strange in and of itself, agents report that the agreements were much stricter than normal and have restricted what they can reveal.

This news breaks after it has also come out that Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch held a secret, private meeting with former president Bill Clinton after the FBI had concluded its investigation. Agents who worked on the email case believe that the only possible reason for meeting would have been to organize a deal to get Hillary off the hook for her actions.

Conservative members of Congress, however, have asked the Justice Department to continue its investigation into Hillary Clinton. But instead of focusing on emails, they've asked the courts to determine whether or not Hillary committed perjury--or lying under oath--when she testified about Benghazi.

Hillary will probably get away with another slap on the wrist for her lying, but it's reassuring to see Congress unwilling to stop their hunt to bring this lying piece of politician to justice.

h/t: Washington Examiner

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