Is it any surprise that a recent bout of questioning and investigation has revealed that Bill and Hillary Clinton used a shell company to receive payments? If you're surprised, you shouldn't be. This is simply the newest in a long line of Clinton gaffes that have destroyed the family's reputation.

The current report came to light as Associated Press reporters questioned representatives of Bill Clinton's private office and Hillary's presidential campaign about a suspicious LLC company that Bill Clinton used to receive payments for consulting opportunities.

For any unfamiliar, a LLC stands for limited liability company and is typically set up to help a business avoid tax or litigation charges.

In the case of the Clintons, WJC, LLC is the name of a shell-company that they set up in Delaware to receive payments. The existence of the WJC company didn't come to light until recently because the company itself has no monetary value--it was simply used as a pass-through for funds being paid to Bill Clinton.

And what funds.

According to financial records, Bill Clinton raked in $50 million during the time Hillary was serving as secretary of state, mostly from speaking engagements. Hillary's speaking fees have been under scrutiny for some time as well, with many complaining that her fees should be donated back to the colleges where she often is asked to speak.

However, Bill Clinton also received payment for "consulting services regarding geopolitical, economic and social trends," work he mostly did for big Democratic donors and close personal friends. Those amounts, however, are undisclosed because of WJC, LLC and its position as a shell company that merely passed the funds on to Clinton directly.

It's outrageous to think that the Clinton's believed they could get away with this corporate gimmick in today's day of scrutiny and pressure. This only adds to the evidence that the Clinton's are a politically and economically devious family, regardless of their political party, and that they want nothing more than more money and more power.

h/t: The Blaze

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