It's no surprise to anyone in America that Hillary has been employing some very shady maneuvers in order to make it seem like she has more support from the American public than she actually does. She has done anything from staging questions with child actors to photoshopping in larger crowds. Now a new private note was just leaked showing the fallacy of her perceived lead and it may spell the end for Hillary.

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Most of us have suspected that the polls showing Hillary’s massive lead over Trump were completely fake. When you compare the turnout at rallies and see the record-breaking crowds Trump pulls in compared to Hillary’s inability to fill even school-sized gymnasiums, it proves that she just doesn’t have the same support that her opponent does. Despite this glaringly obvious observation, we still see Hillary “leading” in most polls around the nation.

Last week, we brought you a story that explained Anonymous hackers weren’t buying the polls, and after doing some digging, they revealed that Hillary had been paying off corporations to draw up fake poll results in order to discourage Trump supporters from turning out to vote. They specifically blew the lid off the NBC/Washington Street Journal poll that showed Hillary’s 11-point lead over Trump as being “complete and utter nonsense.”

What Anonymous hackers dug up last week was just the beginning. Another bombshell has just been dropped on Hillary after an internal memo was released by Wikileaks, confirming what many of us suspected all along about the polls.

In it, Hillary’s campaign highlights their intricate plans to work with the media to release bogus weighted polls that show a massive lead over Trump in order to discourage his supporters. Then, in step two of their extensive propaganda operation is to declare the election over. “Barrage with high-frequency recent polls,” one of the techniques reads.


Conservatives have been saying it forever that these polls were fake and now here's the evidence that proves it once and for all.

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Source: Mad World News

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