After an elderly Catholic priest was forced to his knees and beheaded by two young Muslims in a French church last week, as two nuns and parishioners were held hostage, authorities in Britain issued security advisories to churches warning that ISIS and ISIS-inspired jihadists were planning more attacks on houses of worship.

In fact, one of the attackers told a nun that the attacks would continue “every day” until the coalition forces leave Iraq and Syria.

Now, just days later, the threat to carry out more violence against non-Muslims, a 65-year-old priest in Belgium was stabbed by an asylum seeker he had tried to help.

The priest, identified as Jos Vanderlee, had opened his home to the suspect who had simply knocked on the door to ask permission to take a shower.

After he had used the shower, the suspect reportedly demanded money from the priest, attacking him with a knife when the priest refused.

The priest sustained defensive injuries to his hands and the suspect fled.

The European Union, however, has not issued a similar warning to churches and synagogues despite the spate of horrific attacks in Germany, France and Brussels in recent months at airports, subway stations and commuter trains, music venues, a sports stadium and even at a Bastille Day celebration.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has even gone so far as to call the attacks “depressing” and promising that the attacks would not deter the open border policy that continues to bring in Muslim refugees by the thousands, some of whom are legitimate asylum seekers fleeing violence in their homeland and some of whom are actually ISIS fighters blending in with them.


Prosecutors and even the mayor of Lanaken, Belgium have said that although the attack is shocking, they do not feel it was a terror attack, but the suspect’s name has not been released and he is being identified in the media only as “an asylum seeker” suggesting compliance with new policies adopted by some EU countries withholding the identities or even descriptions of Muslims associated with criminal cases.

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