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It is truly amazing to witness within less than a few days after the most contentious and bitter election within modern American history, that President Elect Donald Trump has perhaps hopefully captured the hearts and minds once again of those brave men and woman on the fronts lines of our Republic, “America’s police officers”, who for 8-long years have been maligned and abused by this administration.

The breaking video clip captures a buffet of meals, sandwiches, and other goodies provided by the next Commander-in Chief to several police forces across the nation in particular Chicago, New York and other key cities being plagued by marauding bands of young misfits, protesting the presidential election.


Trump who ran on a law and order theme, and injected his profound respect for those men and women in blue at almost every Trump rally, is living up to his promise in restoring respect for those that serve.

Trump is thinking of these officers and thanking them with a hot meal and some kind words and although in the grand scheme of things, it may not seem much but a hot meal by the next Commander-in-Chief is a welcomed change of things to come.

For those who have had to live through the Obama administration’s disrespect and willful abuse while watching criminals being honored and hate groups being welcomed into the “people’s house” Trumps move is a welcome gesture.

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