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The police shooting of Philando Castile last week in Minnesota will no doubt be scrupulously investigated by both local and federal authorities.

However what is emerging from the preliminary investigations once again demonstrates a national media more interested in creating a false narrative to perhaps “gin-up” ratings rather than doing their job and ferreting out the truth, and which perhaps led to the carnage in Dallas by a deranged racist.

KARE-TV (a local media outlet) has obtained the actual audio of what took place on the night Castile was shot; the audio was captured on several police scanners that dispute the apparent false testimony by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds.

The first discrepancy was that Castile was stopped for a broken tail-light, when in actuality he was stopped because he matched the description of an armed robbery suspect that occurred Tuesday afternoon.

This image shows surveillance footage of the armed robbery suspect and Castile that illustrates a resemblance:

The second falsehood was that police failed to call for medical attention after Castile was shot, when in actuality they did, and the third discrepancy was that Castile didn’t have a police record, when in fact he was stopped over 50-times for various violations since 2002 and had amassed almost $7,000 in fines.

Obviously no one should lose their lives in a routine traffic stop, however this wasn’t a routine stop, Castile fit the description of a suspected armed robber, and the only relevance to race was that he unfortunately fit the description.

Moreover the back-story to this tragic incident that didn’t get immediate coverage was that both the victim and police officer were people of color, the police officer who pulled the trigger was Asian.

One can argue and rightly so that the officer displayed extremely poor judgment in how he handled this tragic situation and perhaps isn’t emotionally equipped to be a police officer, and that dialog should definitely take place, however I believe that given the exact same set of circumstances if Castile had been white, chances are he would still be dead.

Hear the police scanner audio on the KARE-TV report here:

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